How to Save SHSH blobs Using TinyUmbrella

Here is the tutorial to save your idevice shsh

What is shsh blob?

Most users ask this question several times.iOS users can update there idevice very easily.But apple doesn’t allow to downgrade your device.Now here we need shsh blobs to downgrade your idevice. It is a signature file which is used against Apple server to fool itunes.So, that iTunes think that it is connecting with Apple Server but in real it is connecting with Cydia Server which verifies the iOS files, hence, users will be able to downgrade to previous version.

We recommend you to save shsh blobs for your each firmware.the lates version of tinyumbrella supports each and every ios versions  and devices.Here is the guide how to save your shsh blobs:-


  • Java should be installed on your PC.
  • Tinyumbrella(Download here)

How to Save SHSH blobs Using TinyUmbrella:-

  1. Open tinyumbrella(windows users run in administrator mode)
  2. Connect your idevice.
  3. Select your Device from the left side.aaaaaaaaaaa
  4. Now, Click on Advance and Check “Save All Available SHSH & request SHSH From cydia”aaaaaaaaaaa
  5. Click on “Save SHSH” upper right corner.aaaaaaaaaaa
  6. Once, you are done! All your SHSH blobs will be shown in the main Tab.aaaaaaaaaaa
  7. Congo!! your shsh blobs had been saved.Use the with sn0wbreeze ,ifaith & rdsn0w.

If got any problem don’t hesitate to comment.



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